Monday, 25 July 2016

New on my bookshelf

I absolutely love to collect books, especially the pretty ones. And I just love to curl up on the sofa with a good cup of tea and and an interesting book. I feel like less and less people, mainly the younger generation, are becoming less interested in reading or don't have any interest in  it whatsoever. Everyone's on their phones or tablets and we're losing that feeling of of what its like to entertain yourself without technology. I'm not really a big fan of Kindles either, they just defeat the object of turning crisp new pages and that smell books carry that we love so much, quite a nostalgic feeling I think. This post won't be for everyone, I understand that. but I just wanted to write what I am passionate about, even if it is pages and pages of words.

I have recently started collecting more books about Fashion, anything from design to history, mainly because whilst studying it I wanted to learn about every aspect of it. Plus I could read about it all day. My sister bought me 'How to dress Parisian' for my birthday, which was funny as she didn't even know that I wanted it (always the best surprises).  Its basically about what it says in the title, but has a fantastic humorous twist to it that I least expected and from what I've read so far, its quite amusing.

My most favourite book I have ever and will ever own to this day is Jane Eyre. I got my first copy when I was in sixth form, I was recommended by a friend and I honestly loved every minute of it. I also learnt a whole new set of words that I had never heard of and I was fascinated by the vocabulary that the Bronte sisters used and have never read anything remotely similar since. The story of Jane Eyre is so beautiful and she is such a strong character, for any of you who haven't read it, I suggest you do! And if you want a keepsake one, I was kindly bought the most gorgeous copy! You can get it here.


A few years ago I saw in Waterstones (the best place ever to buy books) a beautifully illustrated collection of the Alice In Wonderland stories. I knew I just had to have it. Alice In Wonderland is one of my favourite Disney films and I realised that I had never actually read the books, where the best kinds of imagination are used. I wanted this ti be another keepsake and funnily enough it's still sitting there on my shelf unread, because quite frankly I think its too pretty to touch! No I will of course read them eventually or just look at the lovely pictures like we used to when we were younger. What innocent and simple lives we used to live. I didn't even realise that they still sold it, but YAY they do!



Monday, 7 March 2016

A Cake Occasion

This is quite a random blog post but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm! I've never been good at cooking or baking, I just don't have enough patience I guess. My sister on the other hand is amazing at making cakes and she makes so many for family and friends for all different occasions. So I thought this year for her birthday I would return the hard work she has put in and make her a very spectacular Barbie cake! Okay so my sister was turning 25 but she's still a big kid at heart and she loves pink and I just thought it was the perfect idea. I realise not having any baking experience that my decision to make a Barbie cake was throwing myself in the deep end but once I had the idea in my head there was no turning back.

Despite not being the best with a pair of oven gloves, I thoroughly enjoyed myself creating something so pretty. Even though I knew it could have turned into a huge disaster and I was quite literally covered in frosting, I did it, I made my own cake and I was rather proud of it.

I used a recipe from BBC good food, it was so easy and simple to understand so I have linked the website so you can go straight to it. I did change the recipe up a little, I made a bundt as the bottom part of the Barbie's dress, only because I read a few other recipes that used that and it looked really effective. So if you want to do that then you can use this recipe and then continue with the BBC recipe. Also, in between the layers of the cakes I spread jam and butercream for extra flavour so that it wasn't just a sponge cake, and I would highly recommend that. For the decoration of the Barbie I didn't use ready to roll icing only because I have never used it before and I wanted this cake to be a success, but if you have mastered the icing then go for it! Instead I made frosting and piped the Barbie's dress with a star-shaped nozzle, at first I did get a little frustrated but practice makes perfect!

I won't lie, this cake did take me a little longer than a couple of hours so be prepared if you are a beginner. But the best part was my sister's face when she saw the finished result, she loved it and she was very impressed with my efforts. It tasted so good, and it feeds so many people so you can hand out slices to friends and family or have lots leftover and we all love to have tea and cake don't we.

Here was my cake! If you don't have a Barbie at hand, this one was from the pound shop, so cheap as chips really!

So there you have it, I think that it shows anyone can do it, and it was quite a challenge for me that I was determined to finish it. I was very impressed with mine having never made a cake before on my own and it just makes a change than an ordinary birthday cake and it was much more fun being creative.

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