Thursday, 19 January 2017

Copenhagen at Christmas

I didn't manage to have a summer holiday this year which I was really gutted about so I was really desperate to get away as soon as I could and was super excited when my friend invited me along on her trip to Copenhagen. I had never even considered going here anytime soon, I have many other destinations that are top of my list but nevertheless I was really looking forward to it.

I'm going to talk about the main things you'll want to know if you haven't been before , just so you know A) if you are wanting to still go after reading this and B) if its what you expected or you can learn something new.

So my friends and I went from Tuesday afternoon (we landed CPH time at 3.00pm) and we left Friday morning. I would highly recommend going for two nights and getting there early one morning and spending both days seeing everything. This may sound quite tiring which it could be but there ism't loads to see and it will save you paying for an extra night when I assure you won't need it.
We stayed at the Hotel Kong Arthur which translated is quite simply King Arthur. Not the cheapest of hotels but its really close to the main town centre about a 10-15 minute walk. It's also good to know that this kind of trip is a walking one. There is a metro which we used twice to get to and from the airport. I love walking around Cities, I think you can really get to know and see it better and it's nice to get some good steps in!

FUN FACT: Because of the ice age, Denmark has very flat land which is why all of the Danes ride their bikes everywhere and they quite honestly do. I never realised how much they rely on their bikes in their lifestyles. They have specific bike lanes which I warn you do not walk in these its actually really dangerous (I may have had to find this out the hard way with a lot of annoyed riders) and they have allocated bike holders on the metro. Maybe us Brits could take a few tips, wouldn't be a bad way to get in some exercise!

Copenhagen isn't like London. I didn't find that it was filled with many main attractions hence why I only advised this as a two day trip. Anyhow, the sights we went to were:

The Rosenborg Castle - Filled with portraits, tapestries and the famous crown jewels, this was really interesting to see and the King's Gardens in which the Castle sits on are lovely.

Carlsberg Museum - I'm not actually a lover of beer but I actually really enjoyed learning about bow they have been making beer for years and ho9w much this has changed with technology. Plus you get two free drinks! The only way to get here is via a shuttle bus which has allocated time slots - worth knowing!

Nyhavn Canal - I really loved it here. It was full of colourful old fashioned houses which reminded of Balamory! And it had cute and cosy restaurants were you can sit and look at all of the boats. Because we went in December at the end of the canal was a fantastic Christmas Market.

Tivoli Gardens - Words cannot describe how excited I was to go here. I had heard such amazing things about it, it was one of the main reasons I went. For those of you who haven't heard of the Tivoli Gardens it is the oldest operating amusement park in the world. The park has many outstanding buildings designed like theatres and band stands and there are many carousels dotted around. At night the park is illuminated with millions of lights and around the lake the willow trees are dangling in lights as well. It is said that Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney visited many times for inspiration as the park itself is just so pretty. Because it was Christmas time the park had the most spectacular decorations. There were Christmas trees everywhere and candy canes and snowmen it was honestly the most magical place I have ever been. It does have some amazing rides as well so if you're looking for that thrill you'll definitely get it there. Also if you are planning on going to the Tivoli and I suggest you do, just buy the unlimited ride ticket, it works out cheaper than paying for an entry ticket and then individual tickets for the rides.

There are of course other little sights to see which aren't actually in walking distance and I would recommend paying for the 'Hop on Hop off' bus tour. You can use your ticket for 2 days and it takes you around Copenhagen where you can get on or off at any if the sights. Plus you get to hear really interesting facts that you may not have found out elsewhere.
PUB RECOMMENDATION - If you are like my friends and I you will no doubt be looking for a nice beverage to have after all of that walking! We found the Dubliner. A dark yet cosy Irish pub, with live music, and all of the Glögg the Danes drinks (basically mulled wine). Definitely worth a visit.

If you do go to Copenhagen, enjoy!!



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