Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Helping Hand to Healthy Eating

I am just going to jump straight into this!

The past year/s I have really struggled with my weight - losing it, putting it on you name it. I couldn't afford to go to the gym and I had no motivation to do any other kind of exercise; nothing anyone said would encourage me to go for a run or do some squats.

It was only the fact that I had my best friend's wedding to go to that I tried really hard to slim down.The only thing that could possibly tempt me was knowing this - 80% of losing weight is down to your diet. Isn’t that amazing!! I am absolutely not saying that this is a good idea to get out of going to the gym because it isn't. Keeping fit is really good for you but it's necessary in other ways i.e. building strength and toning can make a huge change to your physical appearance. I recommend doing this once you've grasped what you put inside your body. Like my little sister likes to remind me - 'You can't out train a bad diet' 

But what you put inside your body has to in some way be good for it. I used this as a way to treat my body like a temple. Don't get me wrong I can let things get in the way of healthy eating - my social life, how some foods are more convenient and I am not great nor do I enjoy cooking!!. This combined has definitely helped me to have better control and less temptation over things that I love but are really bad for you. Two of my favourite things that will knock me over the edge are pizza and biscuits. I LOVE them. If I could survive on them forever and it not have an effect on my body then I would. But I've noticed what that does to my body and how it changes. I used to eat terribly, I l LIVED ON MICROWAVEABLE MEALS! I never had hardly an fruit or veg and I most certainly didn't drink enough water.

So a few tips below for anyone who is struggling like me. Honestly this changed my life around. Plus a few pics of just some of the healthy dishes I have made that are so delicious. 

1. Find what works for you. Many people give out different advice - Eat little and often, or only have 3 meals a day there's no need to be snacking . I'm still finding out which of these works. When I am at work in the office all I can think about is the next time I will be eating. If I'm up and about doing things it's not too bad, but as soon as my bum hits that chair my stomach feels empty and I am constantly hungry. At the weekend I find I do only need 3 meals and that's all. So the moral, work out what you need, it really helps to understand what your body is asking for - and don't get confused between hunger and dehydration. Aim to drink 3 litres a day at the least, honestly its the best thing for you.

2. Get rid of the rubbish. And no I don't mean putting the bins out. Anything that you think is potentially bad (and try to be open minded this can be a lot of things that you may have in your cupboards) you need to get rid of. This will ensure that there isn't any temptation for you because this can be mentally challenging. There's only so many times you can say to yourself "It's only one snickers bar, I'll be good tomorrow" that won't work if you still have 10 snickers bars in the kitchen. Even if it means telling your mum not to buy anything sweets or crisp, my mum is the worst for that! I'll get home from work and I've spotted a couple of yum-yums on the side - How underrated they are as well ahaha!. This is really important in case you are having bad day and try me guys, it will happen because we are human!

3. BUT ALSO don't deprive yourself of your favourite foods. When I used to go to Slimming World they sort of encourage a cheat day. It is allowed, your not going to be on your guard about food all of the time it's just not realistic. Unless you are being really good then woohooo you go glen coco!!! The thing as well that I have learnt is that when I don't treat myself occasionally I have ended up overindulging which has been more dangerous than having a little taste of one thing as opposed to having Ben and Jerry's plus those caramel nibbles and the rest of your easter egg. We've all been there! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend creating healthier versions of anything you love. Try healthy pizzas, use cacao powder to make your fave brownies, the list is endless and easily achievable.

4. TRY NEW FOODS. I used to be so fussy, I wouldn't try anything new that looked or smelled differently.  (I know that sounds weird but I like to smell food sometimes lololol) Then something hit me that I needed to start eating more protein so I tried to eat chicken which was a big dea!!. Meat was never in my diet but I knew I had to give it something. Not only this, but eggs have become  an absolute necessity for meals. They are so good for you! So much goodness and if you're looking to lose a bit of weight or change your diet then add these to it. Think how many ways you can have your eggs?! My last discovery was pulses and seeds. My sister helped me with ways in which to use them in meals and it helped so much because I didn't know where to sprinkle them! My morning porridge is the first place - chia seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are delicious along with some honey and blueberries. Perfect start for the day! And in terms of lunch and dinner, fill up with lentils, butter beans or chickpeas, cannellini beans and black-eyed peas (not the group  haha) they are so filling and lovely in a salad or on a baked sweet potato. If you 're a vegetarian this is a great way to get all of your key nutrients.

5. CHANGES WILL BE SLOW. Please do not expect this to happen overnight, this will get your hopes up and you'll be disappointed. This is a huge change to your body, all for the better good but it will take time. Some people will lose the pounds quickly and others will feel like they aren't getting anywhere, it's just the way your body is made. Mine of example, is the latter of the two. I have lost weight but blimey is it taking its sweet time to come off. No matter how much exercise or healthy eating I do, I cannot shake off the huge tyre around my torso. It's very frustrating but I am trying to be positive that in time this will get flatter ad the results will be amazing!

Guys don't think of anything I have said as a diet. This is just a healthier lifestyle that I promise will be the best you can do for your body. I am still learning and changing too, but I am enjoying this positive journey and I hope you can too!!



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