Monday, 17 April 2017

Homemade Afternoon Tea

Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend celebrating Easter, with an egg hunt or two! I for one had a lovely time spent with family and friends, filled with laughter and wine and I have consumed huge amounts of chocolate that I'm sure I am slowly paying for. But whilst everyone still has a sweet tooth I thought I would share with you what I got up to on Good Friday. I am about to bombard you all with many photos of cute cakes, better get your apron on after this!

Me and my girlfriends decided to have a very cute afternoon tea hosted by the most organised of our friends who went above and beyond to make it look vintage and adorable. We thought we would do something a little bit different than just going for a meal or chilling with a film. But it was the best idea I have heard of in ages as I absolutely LOOVEE afternoon tea and I mean what isn't there to love about it? For me it's probably the fact that I can consume about a hundred cups of tea and that would be completely normal for a 23 year old. Or that I can eat many a sugary snack with plenty of jam which would be totally acceptable; diets start on Monday's right?

If you want to do this at home, it's such a simple way to save money. My friends and I all made something each, one made a lemon drizzle, I made scones, one made the sandwiches, and that way you've probably only spent a fiver, you're laughing really. My mum lent me her teacups and saucers, which gave me a huge smile, I actually love drinking tea from a cup and saucer I just think it tastes so delicious. Either that or I am an excellent tea-maker!♕We used our own cake tiers as well so that came in handy and even had these super cute paper plates which were very Cath Kidston-esque, the whole theme came together rather nicely. Top it off with a flowery bunting and you're good to go!
 One of my friends brought some jam tarts and I haven't had one of those since I was at school at a kids' party. Oh the nostalgia really was kicking in! Plus we even had bubbles which really tops off the whole event.

Safe to say afterwards I needed someone to roll me home, a good sign that I loved and ate everything in sight! You don't have to spend a fortune to have a good time with your best friends, and we love doing this sort of thing. Some may call us boring old farts, but we have the best times together no matter what we do. Plus, we've already planned the next one!


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