Thursday, 21 December 2017

Gift Guide for the Healthy Conscious

This post is inspired by my younger sister, who for the last few years insists of Birthday or Christmas presents being representative of her conscious self.  She loves the gym and eating well - shes basically the person who encouraged me to be more aware of what we feed our bodies:

"Treat your Body Like A Temple"

I really enjoy being the person that provides that comfort and happiness for her :) plus I just LOVE watching people open their presents from me, it's the best feeling! This consists of products that I would personally love to receive or I know will be welcomed with open arms. SO I bring you my gift guide for those who are the Health and Fitness Bunnies!

              Food Glorious Food

Giving chocolates/biscuits is really such a simple and welcomed gift but not for someone who lives by 'a moment on the lips forever on the hip's' mantra. If you really want to encourage a chocolatey treat then dark chocolate is your go to. As long as it's 70% cocoa which has fewer sugars and calories then you're on the right track. I love Green and Blacks Range of luxury chocolate with an array of flavours and they're organic an added bonus! For the not so chocolatey lover you could buy things that are mandatory in their pantry. Things like spices or seeds/nuts which can get quite expenny are definitely a lovely gesture. Or a big tub of nut butter goes down wonders in my household! I would highly suggest raiding Holland and Barrett if you're really stuck although I find that Aldi or Lidl do amazing healthy foods for half the price!

A little light reading 

Still sort of on the food category, people LOVE a good cookbook.  They make such a lovely gift, they're a real keepsake and besides there must be hundreds of healthy cook books out nowadays (obviously find out which ones they haven't got would be ideal). This is the sort of gift you can get for anyone be it your parents, grandparents, partners, sibling, friends! People love to cook and new recipes is a fun way to give a little inspiration. You never know, the receiver may have to cook for you one day, a little push might be handy in return for a delicious meal. I always find Amazon do amazing deals on cookbooks as do Tesco and The Works. Some of our faves at home - Clean Eating Alice, The Body Coach, Deliciously Ella,

Good things come to those who sweat

A request for Gym clothes is a must for my sister especially from brands where she probably wouldn't buy from herself.. A pair of leggings or even a sports bra goes a long way because an avid gym user will need to regularly throw out old gym clothes. You can really go to town on this one! Brands like Sweaty Betty or Gym Shark to name a few make some amazing clothes for men and women. They aren't the cheapest but on the receiving end they make a really thoughtful present. I would personally be over the moon with something from either of those brands as would my Lil Sis..

You could always go down the accessories route - a yoga mat or some dumbbells will go down well, especially for those home workouts!

Some me time 

Clean eating and regular workouts aren't the only ways to keep your heart healthy. Some relaxing down time goes a long way and a gift to encourage that would be perfect. Try some candles or reed diffusers for an aromatic scent to help relax. Or else a bath bomb - Lush do specific products that help relax and soothe sore muscles. Why not add to their beauty regime and give some skin care products? Neal's Yard are organic and have natural ingredients and have products targeted to different skin types - even if they aren't into the gym this is essential for everyone!

Hope this post is helpful! Christmas is just around the corner so get a move on! Enjoy yourself, eat lots, spend time with loved ones and be merry!

Hope you enjoyed this post 

If you do read this, I LOVE YOU





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