Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Day At Kew Gardens

Good afternoon! The sun is still going strong here in Essex which is fantastic and everyone is in such bright spirits! I've been listening to some Disney as I write this, it just helps me feel all silly and somewhat theatrical! I'm also aware that at 24 listening to Disney may alarm some of you but why when the songs send out such good mottos? :)
Here are some snaps from a recent visit to Kew Gardens where my little sissy took me as a belated bday pressie; I was away travelling so to celebrate again is soooo amazing and sweet of her. We drove there which was a complete disaster mainly due to me being incapable of following Siri's instructions and the amount of gigantic roundabouts we had to endure which was not particularly fun. Either way the 2 hour trip to get there was worth it as you can see it's so so pretty. Lucky us having the world's largest Botanic Gardens eh? Hannah booked us in for some afternoon tea at The Botanical, which is one of my absolute favourite things to do and we were served a delicious vegetarian spread with the best sandwiches since...sliced bread? A few scones later we were stuffed and continued to explore the wonders of the gardens. It really was a splendid day! The perfect place to get lost in the beautiful nature and a good walk to work off those cakes!



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