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Must See Islands In Thailand

Hello hello and welcome to my very new look on my blog. It's’ been a while since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post so I wanted my first to be exotic and fun!
If you’re reading this then it’s probably because you’re either a) going to Thailand, b) have dreamt of going and are doing a bit of research orrrrr c) you’re just showing some support by being here which I thank you for J

I recently went on a 5 month trip around parts of the world including South East Asia and my first destination was Thailand. It was incredible and an absolute must see. A lot of people do visit the south because of the gorgeous islands anad beautiful white sandy beaches and each island offers something different which is why island hopping is so popular.

These are the islands I went to so I thought I would give a brief outlook on what there is to do and see and why you have to go!

FYI: This is all from a backpacker perspective so if you’re looking for a nice hotel then you may want to read another blog post!

Koh Tao

This island is one of the smaller out of the main three on the East side of Thailand and is just a short 2 hour ish ferry ride from Chumphon (I got the bus down from Bangkok to Chumphon and then the ferry from there easy peasy). Because of its size you can easily walk around most of the main town although you’ll find that most people have mopeds/scooters.
Koh Tao boasts one of the best spots to do a bit of diving which is why I was so eager to get there and I left with my Open Water PADI certificate! If you are looking to do some diving I recommend spending about 4/5 nights there as the PADI takes up about 3 days so you’ll want a couple extra to see the island. I did my PADI with Davy Jones Locker and you can read all about it on over on this blog post.

The night life here is so much fun, it’s an island full of young like-minded travellers all looking for a good time and the atmosphere is buzzing. The perfect relaxed beachside drinking which is littered with cool bars, fire shows and bean bags. That’s not to say the scenery itself isn’t spectacular. As with all islands there are many a viewpoint you can walk up to which gives you a stunning view of Koh Tao.

Must do’s

GO DIVING – can guarantee schools and schools of fish and you may catch a glimpse of a turtle!

EAT AT MAMA'S RESTAURANT– they do the yummiest food and its very cheap around 50-80 THB, all cooked and served by Mama herself – kit can be a long wait but it’s worth it!

WALK UP THE JOHN SUWAN VIEWPOINT – Just an amazing view of the whole island and only takes about 15 minutes to climb. After walk down to shark bay where you might see some turtles!

DAY TRIP TO KO HANG TAO – a small island to the North West of Koh Tao with beautiful beaches and nice areas to go snorkelling. 

THE LEGENDARY KOH TAO PUB CRAWL – For only 350 THB about £8 this is a fun way to get out and have some fun. It includes some free drinks, a cabaret show and a t shirt I mean what’s not to love. I didn’t actually do this myself but I heard it’s really fun haha. If this really isn’t your thing there are some quieter bars right on the beach front which do amazing cocktails.

Koh Phangan

I actually went here for probably the same reason as most people do – to go to the Full/Half Moon party. But the island itself has a very cool hippy vibe to it especially if you head up to the North part, I discovered a whole community of yogi bears and vegan cafes it was like my heaven and I wish I had known about it sooner. You absolutely need to hire a moped here though otherwise you won’t be going very far. They are available for hire everywhere so it’s pretty easy to get one.

TOP TIP: if you do hire a moped most places ask for your passport as a deposit so be prepared to give this over.

Must do’s

FULL/HALF MOON PARTY – if you really just want to see what all the hype is about then go for the fun of it, I went to the Half Moon but the music wasn’t my thing plus they charge you way more than for the Full Moon as it’s not as popular. Still it’s a laugh and a chance to cover yourself in luminescent paint and look ridiculous!

GO TO KO MA – this was near the North of the island and a lot quieter, plus if you love snorkelling it’s perfect. We also had some really nice lunch there.

PARADISE WATERFALL – quite self-explanatory but a beautiful waterfall.

AMSTERDAM VIEWPOINT – amazing viewpoint

YOGA AT AGAMA YOGA – This is actually a yoga school but if this is your thing then go along for a free session because it was really interesting and if you love it try out their different classes!

Koh Phi Phi

Although it is one of the well-known party islands (which it is) Phi Phi is still one of my favourite places and because of its tiny stature you can walk around the whole island at your leisure. This is of course where the Tsunami of 2004 happened and you can still see where they are trying to restore back to it’s natural beauty. This island is also hugely touristy so I would suggest staying away from Tonsai Village where it can be very busy and noisy especially at night if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep.

FYI: Phi Phi is one of the more expensive islands because of its popularity so save your pennies, food and drink is not cheap!

Must do’s

WATCH THE SUNSET AT VIEWPOINT 1/2 – it does get really busy so get there early!

GO TO MAYA BAY – The famous beach from Danny Boyle’s film The Beach, they closed this island back in June 2018 for 4 months for restoration so if it does open again it’s still worth a visit but it does get very crowded so go early in the morning for the best views.

HAVE A SINGSONG AT KONG SIAM BAR – they have live music from 9pm till early morning and everyone sings and you will have the best night!

WATCH THE FIRE SHOW ON THE BEACH – also another great night out and a cool show



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