Friday, 3 August 2018

Plastic Free July Update

Afternoon everyone, two irrelevant mentions today, I am very hungry as I write this - not ideal when the post includes food. And later I am off to see Motown wheheyyyy which I'm super excited about. Maybe I'll write a post about must see shows? Hmm.

More onto the topic of today, PLASTIC FREE JULY.

My sister and I pledged to each other that we would do this and the first week or so we took it seriously to the point where I nearly cried because it became so hard, oh my god was it difficult.
And now here we are at the start of August, July over and done with and I feel as though I should reflect on that month of trying to be more sustainable.

Firstly, what an incredible idea to do that. The thing with trying to eradicate the use of harmful sources is that most people need to take baby steps. So instead of saying "let's get rid of plastic entirely" the founder of PFJ thought let's at least try one month and see how we get on. As the saying goes

"Small changes make a Big difference"

So yes, the first 2 weeks I would say was fine. We have this lovely International Supermarket in my high street which sells all of their fruit and veg loose so actually the majority of fruits and veggies we could get were plastic and it was fantastic! except for berries and spinach but very minor of course. I mean look at how much we got!

Then we started to notice that it wasn't just food we needed to be wary of (always thinking about our stomachs eh). I was buying things like washing up liquid and bin bags and I thought nothing of it. We couldn't buy pasta or rice because they come in plastic packaging. Not the end of the world of course but it is a staple in our household. My mind was and is still going crazy at how much we actually use. By the end of PFJ we did become a bit lazy with it I'll admit because we were SO frustrated at what we couldn't buy that we sort of rebelled. Not exactly the right attitude to take but something we felt so strongly about when people around us were buying plastic left right and center. One girl at the gym noticed my reusable water bottle and said because it was so big (it's one litre) she would just rather keep buying them than carry it around. It's people like this who are ignorant that let us down!! It makes me so angry. 

If I've learnt anything from trying to reduce my plastic intake it's that actually I do a whole lot more than a lot of people do so I really shouldn't be to hard on myself. 

My pledge to myself is to continue to be mindful about this as I possibly can. Unfortunately I am still going to buy things like pasta and toilet roll that where I am from you cannot buy it in loose form although that would be incredible! I am not perfect at this but I have loved the challenge of doing so. Will you join the pledge?


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