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My 3 Day Guide to Rome


For ages I was convinced that the above greeting was spelt Bonjourno - how embarrassing!

My trip to Rome was absolutely fantastic. A long weekend in a beautiful city full of incredible ancient architecture and pizza? I'm there! Italy has been on my bucket list since I knew what a bucket list was. I remember learning about the Romans back in Year 4 and I think my love for History grew so much from then on. Oh how I would love to go back in time to see how people lived. It honestly baffles me how they built these amazing buildings with the most intricate detailing. Looking at our houses now I think how boring we are! 

If you've ever thought of visiting Rome then you should. An array of terracotta walls and cobbled streets awaits you - and even a cheeky gelato if you're lucky.

My 3 Days in Rome guide will help you see the best bits in the perfect amount of time. 

TIP: If you can I recommend getting there the night before so you can have a fresh start the next day. 

Day 1

Try a traditional Italian Coffee - espresso, cappuccino or caffè latte - with a pastry or tart for breakfast in one of the many little cafes you'll find. (We always had breakfast at our apartment so no recommendations for cafès I'm afraid!). 
Head to the Colosseum to learn where the crowds went wild for the many Gladiators and animals who were made to fight for survival. If you haven't seen the film Gladiator with the very wonderful Russell Crowe then you need to this, it gives a brilliant depiction of what it would have been like. 
TIP: DO NOT  buy one of the tours being sold to you, it's sooo much cheaper doing it yourself trust me and you don't have to queue that long I promise. DO buy an audio guide though, they give you a lot of interesting information, otherwise you won't really know what you are looking at. 
After head over to the Roman Forum to see the ruins of what was once Rome's social and political hub, filled with basilicas and markets, buzzing with people. Julius Caesar himself was cremated here! You can get the best views of the Forum from the Palatine Hill. I wanted to see it all come to life and people watch. 

Down the road to the Colosseum is a little cafè called Colosseum Bar which do the nicest sandwiches for €5 and they are delicious! Try the mozzarella and tomato.

Go and see some magnificent Roman Statues and Renaissance Art at The Capitoline Museums situated at the top of the Capitoline Hill which Michelangelo designed himself. You'll see the famous 'She-wolf' sculpture of Romulus and Remus and many other artifacts. Worth a visit if you like art. 

There so many restaurants that I couldn't possibly recommend just one to you!
TIP: the best restaurants are the ones a bit shabby on the outside but have the BEST food.

Day 2

Start early to see the Vatican Museum. It's so busy that it's best to get there before it opens to start queuing but again this moves fairly quickly. 

FYI: DO NOT buy a tour here, we made the mistake of paying €60 for a tour guide as they told us we couldn't get to St Peter's Basilica without them. WRONG it's really easy I'll explain further down.
You could have all day here at the museums as there are 15 - apparently if you spent 10 seconds in front every painting/statue it would take you 5 years to see it all! Make sure to go into the Sistine Chapel, it is so beautifully painted that you don't know where to look. Once at the end of the Chapel take the door on the RIGHT for St Peter's Basilica. Take the LEFT for the rest of the museums. 

TIP: make sure your shoulders and knees are covered. A long dress/skirt with a scarf wrapped around is fine.
There are some great places around the Vatican for a quick and easy lunch. Try - Fa-bio, Bonci Pizzarium or 200 Gradi.

Jump on the Metro and get off at Spagna to see the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) and after keep walking till you get to the Trevi Fountain and then on to the Pantheon. The Pantheon is a must because this magnificent building is over 2000 years old and so so beautiful inside. My favourite part of Rome was walking through the little cobbled streets around this area (Centro Storico) bursting with shops and restaurants.  Go to Don Nino for a coffee and some Tirimasu it's sooooo nice!
For dinner a great restaurant I was recommended to is Fortunata in Campo Dei Fiori - I never got to go or find it but a girl from Rome said the food was amazing!

Day 3

Use this time to explore another part of Rome; maybe the North in Villa Borghese where there is a huge park with lots of museums to see. 
Or in the South you can find the Appian Way, one of Rome's most important roads where they used to transport troops and military supplies outside of Rome. Here you can find the Catacombs of many Romans plus it was here that Spartacus and the slaves were crucified. These areas are always nice to enjoy as you are out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. There's so much to do in Rome you can never be bored. And I think there will always be something new for you to find. 

TIP: Use the Metro if you can, it's super easy to use and can get you quicker to places if on a tight schedule! 



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