Monday, 5 November 2018

Blogs I'm loving right now

One of the factors that made me want to start my own blog was reading like-minded people's blogs. I had so much  inspiration from so many bloggers that made me think 'Yeah I can do that'  which is why I started it in the first place. These people have influenced me to think outside the box and put any creativity I have into action. I just want to point out that I do not in any way aim to copy or imitate these people. 

My blog isn't like any of theirs because we are all different and I never want to try and be them because let's face it, I am me and they are them, we can't be the same people and we should all encourage each other to be different. And besides it's much better to have your own ideas on a topic than just doing what other people have done right?

I've read blogs over the past few years that have come and go and its the ones that stick that must be doing it right. These people below are most definitely achieving something positive   So anyways, here's my fave gals doing their thing that keeps me so inspired on a regular basis.

1. Deliciously Ella - This is more of a website that I use on a day to day basis. It has tonnes of amazing, delicious and healthy recipes all made with whole foods and natural ingredients. I am literally on here almost everyday to get inspiration for tonight's dinner or what to have for breakfast I just love it! She does actually have a blog as well which keeps you up to date with the goings on in her deli and new additions to her app (which I am yet to subscribe to). Anyway go see it for yourself, you're bound to want to head to the shops to buy lots of new ingredients!

2. Where's Mollie - I found Mollie's blog last year because I decided to save up and go travelling and she honestly made my decision so much easier. She gives in depth details about each country she has been too and it is so helpful. From accommodation, to logistics and what to pack I didn't have to look elsewhere. It probably helps that Mollie has been to the places that I wanted to go so her recommendations I trusted completely and her experiences seemed incredible. Even now I've read every post relevant to my travel plans I still continue to read her blog and watch her videos because I adore her so much. She's genuine, and fun and an all-round nice person and I most definitely want to be her friend!

3. Megan Ellaby - I've slowly left my fashion blog posts behind me but I still look for inspiration everyday and this girl is actually smashing it. Megan's blog is full of colour and her style is so creative. Plus she recently released her own collection which looks incredible. Worth a read with a good cuppa, honestly I feel like I'm having a good 'ole natter when I'm on her blog!

4. Zanna Van Dijk - A more recent discovery, I fell onto Zanna's blog because I wanted a healthy brownie recipe and her blog is adorn with them plus more. I would say I more of a follower of hers on Instagram where she films many fitness workouts which really motivates me. She also created a Facebook group called Living Consciously Crew which oh my goodness changed my life! If you haven't heard of this go to Facebook now and join it's incredible. We talk about being vegan/vegetarian (you don't have to be either) about saving the planet in all areas from recycling to animal cruelty. It is a community that hopes to build a better planet all thanks to Zanna and I strongly urge you to become an avid follower. This girl has put thoughts I've always had into action and I am in complete awe of her.

5. The Little Blog Of Vegan - Holly is an absolute artist when it comes to baking and oh my is she brilliant. I use her blog for inspiration for when I next want to bake (not to copy just inspiration) and she also has ideas on where to buy other vegan products such as bags and beauty. Her recipes are delicious plus they are all completely vegan which shows that even tasty treats are easy to create without using ingredients from animals. Have a read for some amazing food photography and yummy recipes.

I realise there aren't any Male bloggers that I have mentioned and that's because I haven't found many that have caught my eye. I am mostly inspired everyday by these influential women and that makes me proud. These girls are kicking ass all the time and doing so incredibly well they only motivate me to want to do the same. I honestly just want to be friends with them! Let's continue to empower other women and do things that we love because clearly that is what life should be about.



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