Friday, 30 November 2018

How to stay sane when you're not working

It's been over 4 months since I returned home from travelling - the most amazing time of my life and something I now tell everyone to do. And what I also now tell people is "go travelling yes, but my goodness try and figure out what it is you want to do when you get back". It. Is. Not. Easy. 
Out of these past four months I have had 7 interviews - I have applied for 200 jobs no exaggeration. Only 7 interviews!!! I expected this anyway but when I read that back I actually can't believe it. Employers don't always get back to you which we know and not only this but all of those interviews have been because I've known someone or because of an agency. So really none of it was my amazing CV, it was convenient. My point is yes it nearly always is 'who you know not what you know' which I really despise but have no control over. And more to the point that (whilst writing this I am still unemployed) it can really deflate you and THIS is where this wonderful uplifting blog post helps you shake it off!

I feel like I may have lost a few people there with my low demeanour so let's talk business. 
First things first here are some things you can or should do if you find yourself out of work.
1. Sign up to an agency - I didn't do this for months and its nice to have someone doubly searching for jobs for you too.
2. Sign on to Job Seeker's - You have paid National Insurance, you deserve it there really isn't any shame.
3. Make sure your CV is looking amazing - 2 pages and no more with some clear experience and qualifications. SELL YOURSELF.

I secretly (not so secret anymore) love not working. Seriously if I could get paid somehow to not work I would. That sounds so lazy and I'm not sponging off of the government or anything honestly. I find so many things to do to keep myself busy and I love them, it's like a little collection of hobbies that are now an unpaid job! Plus doing these things keeps me positive and motivated that I will find the right job it's out there somewhere.

Keep smiling - It may feel like no one wants to hire you, I really get it, but I guarantee you will find work and the best thing to do is tell yourself everyday that you will. Remain positive and good things will happen.

Set yourself some realistic goals - By Friday you may have wanted to apply for 20 jobs, or next week you'll make an appointment with an agency. Becoming organised can keep your brain working and not getting lazy. Plus when you achieve them think of how great you'll feel. It's all baby steps. 

Get into a routine - Set an alarm, do the housework, go food shopping, then apply for jobs from 11am-2pm for example. And do this everyday so when it comes to working you aren't in total shock. It lets your body have it's own clock and this is the best thing for it. 

Find things that keep you busy - Don't sit at the computer all day applying because you will lose motivation and that's when depression can hit hard. Go to the gym, bake a cake once a week, start writing a blog that you update every few days, watch a box-set, read a book! Things that make you happy and keep you grounded. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help - I have been lucky enough that I saved money from travelling to come back to, plus I still live with my parents. Families are there to help with financial situations like this, you still need to be able to eat and live remember! And not just help with money, ask people you know if they know of any vacancies where they work, a good recommendation can go a long way. 


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