Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Easy go-to Vegan meals

Veganuary is a chance for a lot of people to have a go a maintaining a Vegan lifestyle for the entire month of January believe it or not. I'm already a vegetarian so to be honest I found a lot of this easier than some who go from a normal meat-eating diet to completely adopting a plant-based one. Hat's off to you guys and to anyone who is giving it a go! It's an extraordinary and somewhat challenging approach but it really doesn't have to be. A lot of my friends and family think that all I eat is vegetables on my plate not thinking that I can be inventive with my meals. I love being creative in the kitchen. I love sharing recipes and using my beloved cookbooks from people that influence me. Yes I eat A LOT of veggies cause they are so blimmin' tasty.

Being a Vegan is easy. You just need to experiment and try new foods. I've got my top five dinners here from my favourite blogs and some of my own for you to try to make your Veganuary a delicious, simple and nutritious month and one I hope you'll try again :)

1. Mediterranean pasta

One of my own recipes -

You can't go wrong with  a bowl of pasta that is really filling and perfect for lunch or dinner. 

2. Lentil Bolognese 

The lentils in this dish are so flavoursome and add the same texture as mince meat. 

3. Chickpea coconut curry

I love how creamy this curry and you adjust the spice if you don't like it too hot. 

4. Sweetcorn and Carrot Fritters with Creamy Dip

One of my own recipes -

The best snack or main meal addition, I like mine with some rice and broccoli on the side.

5. "Chicken" Fajitas with Quorn Vegan Chicken Strips

Fajitas are one of my favourite dinners and the Quorn pieces are so similar to chicken!



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