Thursday, 3 January 2019

Reflecting on 2018

WHAT. A. YEAR. For myself anyway and I'm sure everyone is literally thinking the same whether that's in a good or bad way. I bloody love it when the 31st December comes around and everyone say's "Oh my god where did that year go!" Absolutely classic. But it's true. Time goes so fast before our eyes and we learn so much about ourselves in that year that we didn't realise at the time. I'm currently reflecting on my own personal year and achievements, I don't want to think any of it was bad, only a mistake or a change. I encourage you to do the same - be positive and embrace the New Year. Here are my "moments" if you will, of what I have learnt in 2018.

1. SOLO TRAVELLING IS TOUGH - I did my research for a year before I went and it seemed pretty straightforward but I learnt the hard way that even if you like your own company at home - it's sooooo not the same as in another country. But I did it and I'm super proud of myself! Yay me! I have my travel guides coming to my blog in 2019 for any travel bugs out there :)

2.  YOU DO NOT NEED A "CAREER" TO BE HAPPY - This is my biggest guilt. I have obsessed over the perfect career since I was at school and to this day it has not turned out how I expected. So another tip is manage your expectations 'cause that will always surprise you/ And more to the point, just get a job you will enjoy as that's the most important. If you want to be a Doctor or Astronaut then go for it cause that is more of a career. If you want to walk dogs or read books for a living that's okay too. I wish someone had said this to me a long time ago, but it's allll good. 2019 I've got big plans for you.

3. DOING THINGS DIFFERENT ISN'T WRONG - My Dad actually said this to me the other week and I thought to myself, yes that is SO true! He said it to me because of my decision to choose a different job or skill and the way I made that decision was a lot more creative than his corporate-like mind. Basically we should continue to do our own thing whatever that may be and others will do theirs, simple as. Not wrong just, different. Whether that's eating a plant-based diet or speaking another language, be your best self!

4. SELF-LOVE IS KEY - I put my hands up and admit I will probably need this reminder every year because it's really hard loving yourself but it's oh so important and I wish I had started sooner. You have to love yourself because this is all you have. Love your talents, your mind, your body, your weird ways. Preach about you!!

5. OUR PLANET IS OUR TEMPLE - I have learnt so much this year about global change and the impacts us as Human Beings have on Earth. We are quite literally destroying it which saddens me for my children and their children etc. I know some people love to *eye-roll* at another mention of saving the world and all that, but we have to keep talking about it cause it's so relevant. I just ask that you do your at most best to make it better here.

Happy New Year Everyone, may 2019 be as magical as you make it. 



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