Friday, 1 February 2019

Why I'm sticking with Vegan

There are so many topics I want to cover in this blog post; the planet, animals. clothes, food; but it will be one heck of an essay if I do, which is boring. But I just wanted to share something I have learnt this month, it's not supposed to be a depressing subject more of an education or inspiration if you will :)

Last month I participated in my first ever Veganuary and I was so excited about how I would feel during and after. And it's safe to say, Veganuary will continue for me forever I hope. I absolutely LOVED the challenge which for me was no eggs or dairy. I used to eat two eggs more or less every day and I love chocolate which of course has milk in it. So I knew it could make or break me. It sounds like I was about to climb a mountain so a little bit dramatic but still mentally challenging nonetheless! 

If you haven't realised already, eggs and milk are in pretty much every food which I found so bizarre and really quite annoying when you're avoiding it. I nearly bought some guacamole, a simple blend of avocados but no they put milk in it. So this continued to happen for me throughout the month but I'm really glad I nearly made that mistake because it encouraged me to always check the labels of food and drinks. 

I also love our planet. We are destroying it everyday, not just with animals I know, with fashion and waste and plastic filling up our beautiful oceans. If I am one more person becoming Vegan I am already making a wonderful change and as I always say, a small change can make a huge impact. 

So, here are my top facts I learnt this Veganuary that I think we can all learn from:

1. The equivalent of having a shower everyday for 2 months is the same as how much water is needed to make ONE hamburger. Just one which is eaten in minutes.

2. Free-range doesn't mean cruelty free for your eggs. The hens have terrible living conditions and only get the name "free-range" because of the smallest improvements. 

3. London is number 1 for the most vegan restaurants. We should celebrate this achievement as veganism in the UK is growing evermore and becoming more mainstream. Give me all the vegan food to try!

4.  Apparently studies have shown that people who are on a Vegan/Vegetarian diet live longer. Just by eating more grains, veggies and fruits it can prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Our health is so important and I have felt so many positive changes in my body.

Imagine how many animals and trees and water we would save if we all slowly adopted a plant-based diet? Just something for you to think about. 


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