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How To Spend 10 Days in Bali

Oh Bali, what a wonderful little island. It was only a year ago that my sister and I were in paradise, laying on the beach forgetting our troubles ad we had the BEST TIME EVER. We only had a week so pretty short and sweet but it really has a special place in our hearts now.

So I thought I would give you a guide on how to spend a week in Bali! Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the Gili Island or across to Lombok, so this guide is really only for mainland Bali soz.

Day 1 -3 - Seminyak

This is a really great starting point, as it's not too far from the airport and where most people go. We spend the morning finding some brunch then headed straight to the beach, and it was practically empty! The waves were ginormous as well so if you're a surfer this might be idea (or not I'm not too sure haha). Be prepared to be hassled by ladies selling scarves and skirts, I nearly bought one as they are rather pretty - my sister is tougher at saying no!
Have a walk into the little town where there's some really cute boutiques and places to grab a bite to eat. You'll hear me mention how healthy the food is out there, and how super easy it is to be veggie/vegan etc!
We went for a little dinner at Divine as you get a free cinema ticket when you buy any meal which we made full use of! I know it sounds random, going to the cinema in Bali, but it's so chilled and it was a small room playing a film which is right up our street. The film we saw was Florida, which is an independent film, quite a weird story but actually really good and worth a watch.

The next morning I suggest going to Yoga Shala for a good stretch and some real zen. We had breakfast at Divine Earth again as it was SO delicious.
Then we spent the rest of the day at our private pool in our hostel. If you haven't access to a pool I suggest going to Potato Head Beach Club which has a large infinity pool and the beach front is covered in bean bags and sun loungers. We tried to go there in the evening but it chucked it down!

To Eat: Have dinner at Sea Circus 

To Stay: Umakhu BnB 

Day 4-5 -  Canggu

If you thought Seminyak was chilled this is even more horizontal! Canggu is everything I had read about, bohemian boutiques, smoothie bowls galore and everyone on scooters. I loved it. We arrived here in the morning just in time for brekkie! Head to Crate for more hippies and instagrammable food.
Then take a walk towards the beach front where you'll find The Lawn which is a good hangout spot where you can have a cocktail and lounge in the sun. On the walk there, there are loads of cute shops to make use of. If you're tired of all the 'chillaxing' (haven't said that in ages) then visit the famous Tanah Lot, one of Bali's temple located on a rock on the offshore. Said to be enjoyed at Sunset although this is one of the busiest times to go.
In the evening go and see a Balinese show, you can have dinner and watch traditional Balinese dancing and stage performance. We went to the Hotel Tugu which gives you a wonderful Indonesian dining experience.

To Eat - Betelnut cafe

To Stay - Kosone Hostel 

Day 6-9 - Ubud

If you've been looking for culture then Ubud is where it's at. Most people tend to stay here the longest, as there's lots to do and you'll just love taking it all in. Plus my sister and I found a load of different cafes to have healthy raw vegan food which we just loved, that goes for pretty much all of Bali!
I recommend doing a bike tour where they will take you to the rice paddies and see some spectacular views of the mountains. You'll also get to go on a coffee tour and try Bali's most expensive coffee which is brewed on coffee beans that have been through the digestive system of the Luwak cat. Don't be put off, they are thoroughly washed and then roasted, but the way they do it is really amazing!

Go on a sunrise trek up Mount Batur. Start at 3am and get there just in time for the sunrise which I think was about 5.30/6am and the views are incredible.
FYI: If you do this hike up the mountain, 1) make sure you have suitable footwear and take a jacket its cold up there and 2) there are monkeys everywhere who will steal your food so be careful they can be aggressive!

Have a walk around the markets. They do the nicest bags, home decor and cute souvenirs that you will want to buy so save your pennies for some shopping! We even went back again we loved it.

To stay: In Da Lodge

To Eat: The Seeds Of Life

Day 10 - Uluwatu

I recommend spending your last full day here just south of the airport which makes it easy to get to for your flight.

Explore the Uluwatu temple which is set on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Then  walk along the beaches which are some of the best in Bali as they are so beautiful, one of them to explore is definitely Padang Padang. There is even a beach club you could go to called Sundays Beach Club where you can use their water sports equipment if you fancy some paddle boarding!

If you have time, watch the sunset at Single Fin which is a great spot and some evenings its a bit more lively!

To stay: Uluwatu Backpackers

To eat: The Cashew Tree

Seriously Bali is a must do, I know it's a hugely touristy place, but we loved every second of it! The people are lovely, the scenery is beautiful and it's a wonderful place to just kickback and relax. Book your flights now!!



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