Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Best Places to Eat in Bali

Before I went to Bali last year (ugh as if it was that long ago 😢) I had heard so many wonderful things about how delicious and healthy the food is. I am a massive - albeit vegan - foodie so this was high on my list of expectations and I have to say it really exceeded all of them, so much so that with a trip in mind later this year I am ready for the food alone!

Here's my favourite places I found that I think anyone going to Bali should try: 

1. Divine Earth - Seminyak 

This place is amazing on so many levels. Not only is the food so delicious, you get to watch a film for free in their upstairs cosy cinema. Plus there's a lovely yoga studio next door that I insist you go to for a good stretch! -

Try: Veggie Burger and Apple Pie

2. Sea Circus - Seminyak

I mentioned this in my previous blog post INSERT HERE -but this is just a fun little restaurant to go to. Circus themed of course, the food is super tasty, I was on a bit of a budget BUT I saw what others were having and it looked good. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Try: Nourish Bowl if being all healthy (not a bad thing) - I should have had the Tacos which I now realise were the same price. Idiot Christina.

3. Crate - Canggu

If you're looking for a super chilled environment with good coffee and food this is the place. I mean I so wasn't hip enough but hey I went along and loved the whole atmosphere. They really entice you with the whole experience which I think is just great plus I had a recommendation from a friend for a tasty smoothie bowl which won me over. The whole menu is pretty delicious I wish I had been more greedy!

Try: Sweet Ass and Dirty Chai Latte

4. Umah Pizza - Ubud

I'm going a bit off the health vibe here but it's all about a balanced diet! We literally just fancied a big fat pizza and this place certainly delivers (not literally you have to sit in lols). Honestly I don't know if it's because it had been so long since I had eaten a pizza or the cheese was encouraged but it was SO GOOD. You have to go!

Try: Order them all!

5. Clear Cafe - Ubud 

Unfortunately on this occasion I forgot to instagram my food - shock! - so no picture I'm afraid! Anyway, I loved the aesthetic of this place, it was so bright and clean and they tell you to take your shoes off before you enter which makes you feel very free. The whole place was smiley and untouched that made me want to glide everywhere. Back to food - the menu is full of raw and natural ingredients to make you feel good, healthy eating is fun after all! I don't know how we only ordered one thing, it has so much choice! Go here to chill out and relax, it's encouraging to be calm here. 

Try: Veggie Burrito and Chaka Maca drink

Let me know if you go to any of these places, Bali is full of cute and quaint little food cafe's you could spend days just eating around - not a bad way to spend a holiday 💛


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