Monday, 22 June 2020

Black Forest Chia Pudding

A black forest gateaux inspired breakfast to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Admittedly I haven't actually had an original black forest gateaux but I love the sound of the flavours so much I just had to make something in relation. Plus it's cherry season here in the UK, and not only do I try and make a habit of shopping seasonally (better for the planet) I like to make recipes with that star ingredient of the month and it is definitely cherries. 

My chia pudding is full of yummy chocolate, topped with some creamy yoghurt and lots of fresh cherries and cherry jam if you have it - or make it if you have lots of cherries :). It's a great little breakfast, snack, dessert whichever you choose and I highly recommend giving it a go if you too love a black forest combo.

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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: N/A overnight chilling time
Serves: 1


30g Chia seeds
2tbsp Cocoa powder
100ml Soya milk
1tsp Vanilla extract
50g Fresh Cherries halved and pitted
3tbsp Vegan yoghurt
2tbsp Cherry jam or homemade
Sprinkle of desiccated coconut


✿In a bowl, combine the chia seeds, soya milk, vanilla and cocoa powder and whisk together till combined. Leave in the fridge overnight to set or a minimum of four hours.
✿The next day give the pudding a little stir - you may need to add a splash of liquid to loosen it up - then mix together the yoghurt and cherry jam and spoon on top of the pudding.
✿Add the cherries and the coconut and serve. Enjoy!


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